We are on day 1 of Christmas break for my child and I've already pulled the Santa card. It's like my son doesn't know what to do first with his time off. This morning I got a call from Santa and it was like magic. Do you  need a little Santa ammo? I've got your back.

I wanted to unplug my little one from the energy source he seemed to be connected to. The only thing I could think of was to find a way for Santa to come to the rescue.

I downloaded Santa Calls You (free) and it changed our morning.



I pressed the button and magic happened...



Once I "answered" the call, it stays "active" the whole time you talk. There's no voice on the other end of the phone so this is where you dig deep and discover those acting skills. I have to admit that I nailed it. I even showed the phone to my son so he could see that I was serious.



If I wasn't a parent, I would think a move like this was cruel. Because I am a parent, I think it's genius! Oh, how things have changed.