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Josh cheated on Caitlyn and feels horrible. The two are trying to make it work but they can't get past the incident. Josh is now telling Caitlyn to cheat on him so things will be "even". Does this work? 

You may have a personal experience and we want to know what you think. We all know what we should do but what if it's real life? How do we deal?

In doing a little research, this is what Psychology Today says:

1. You won’t even the score. Your partner’s affair broke the trust and ruptured the bond between you. Your affair will never have the same impact as you can’t break something that is already broken.

2. You are unlikely to make your partner feel victimized. In fact, you can easily make them feel justified in having their affair to begin with. Some might even use your actions as an excuse to continue their extra-marital/relationship romance.

3. You won’t make them ‘get’ how you feel. Instead of feeling guilty for betraying and hurting you, your revenge affair might provide your partner the perfect excuse to dismiss your feelings entirely and minimize the consequences of their own actions.

4. You are unlikely to teach them a lesson. The only thing a retaliation affair will teach them is that you have a vindictive streak.

5. You will encourage them to cheat again. Your affair can easily make cheating seem more acceptable in their minds (after all, you both did it).