Order by these deadlines to avoid charges and after Christmas delivery. We've listed them in alphabetical order and dates are coming up quickly. Click to avoid those needles charges and who wants that gift AFTER Christmas? Don't be the procrastinating shopper.

I'm the worst! Are you? Let's assume we all miss the deadlines because we just don't know when they are. You have NO excuse anymore because I've listed your deadlines below. Keep checking back and I'll update you when more come in.


December 19                          Standard Shipping

December 22                          Two-Day Shipping

December 23                          One-Day Shipping

December 24                          Same Day Delivery (select cities where applicable)


American Eagle Outfitters

December 20 (1pm est)         Standard Shipping

December 22 (1pm est)         2nd-Day Shipping

December 23                          Overnight Shipping


Banana Republic

December 19 (11:59pm est)  Standard Shipping

December 22 (3pm est)         1-Day Shipping


Barnes & Noble

December 19 (11:59am est)  Standard Shipping


Bath & Body Works

December 16 (11:59pm est)  Standard Shipping

December 21 (5:59pm est)    Expedited Shipping

December 22 (5:59pm est)    Overnight Shipping


Bed Bath & Beyond

December 19                          Standard Shipping

December 21                          Expedited Shipping

December 22                          Express Shipping


Best Buy

December 21                          Standard Shipping



December 15 (noon)               Value Saver Shipping

December 19 (noon)               Ground Shipping

December 20 (noon)               Two-Day Expedited Shipping

December 21 (noon)               One-Day Shipping



December 14 (11pm cst)        Standard Shipping

December 21 (1pm cst)          2-Day Shipping

December 22 (1pm cst)          Next-Day Shipping


Guitar Center

December 19 (noon ET)          Standard Ground Shipping

December 21 (noon ET)          2-Day Air Shipping

December 22 (noon ET)          Next-Day Air Shipping


Home Depot

December 16 (Noon est)        Standard Shipping

December 21 (Noon est)        Expedited Shipping

December 22 (Noon est)        Express Shipping

December 24 (2pm est)         Buy Online Pick Up In-Store



December 16                          Ship To Store

December 19                          Standard Delivery

December 19                          Express Delivery

December 22                          Expedited 1-Day Delivery



December 19 (11:59pm cst)   Free Shipping on $49+

December 21 (4pm cst)          Premium Shipping

December 22 (4pm cst)          Premium Shipping



December 19 (11pm cst)        Standard Shipping

December 20 (1pm cst)          2-Day Shipping

December 21 (1pm cst)          1-Day Shipping



December 21 (5pm ET)          Premium Shipping

December 22 (12pm ET)        Express Shipping

December 24 (12pm local)     Buy Online Pick Up In-Store



December 14                          Super Eggsaver Shipping

December 20                          3 Business Day Shipping

December 21                          2 Business Day Shipping

December 22                          1 Business Day Shipping



December 22 (Noon ET)         Free Standard Shipping

December 23 (Noon ET)         Rush Shipping


Old Navy

December 18 (11:59pm est)  Standard Shipping

December 22 (3pm est)         1-Day Shipping



December 14 (1:30pm PT)     Standard

December 16 (1:30pm PT)     Express

December 21 (9:30am PT)     2nd Day

December 22 (9:30am PT)     Overnight



December 18                          Standard Delivery

December 20                          2nd-Day Delivery

December 21                          Next-Day Delivery



December 15 (11:59pm PT)   Ground/Hazmat Shipping

December 19 (11:59pm PT)   Standard 3-Day Shipping

December 20 (11:59pm PT)   Flash 2-Day Shipping

December 21                          1-Day Shipping


Sierra Trading Post

December 19 (Mid MST)        Ground Shipping

December 21 (7pm MST)       2-Day Air Shipping

December 22 (2pm MST)       Overnight Shipping



Holiday Shipping Delivery       Price Varies by Order


Toys R Us

Holiday Shipping Delivery       Price Varies by Order


True Value

December 12                          Economy

December 15                          Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store

December 16                          Expedited Shipping

December 19                          Express Shipping


Victoria’s Secret

December 15 (5pm EST)        Standard Delivery

December 22 (5pm EST)        Next Business Day Express

December 21 (5pm EST)        2nd Business Day Express

December 20 (5pm EST)        3rd Business Day Express

December 23 (5pm EST)        Saturday Delivery