Have you noticed the cable shows have been in tense competition?  It use to be HBO against Showtime including all the other channels.  Netflix set records with their own series, "House of Cards".

Kevin Spacey plays a deceptive politician who only has one motive - BE THE NEXT PRESIDENT of the United States.  It's cleverly written and Spacey excels in this role.  Kate Mara (Shooter, We Are Marshall, Tron) plays his political booty call, Robin Wright (Forest Gump, Moneyball) plays his wife and actually won a Golden Globe for this role.

House of Cards is super-sexy and dramatic with that dark appeal.  How do you say it...kinda of like the Dark Knight's overall attitude as a Batman series.  Hope that makes sense.

Take a look at the trailer and tell me what you think.

House of Cards Season 2 debuts on Valentine's Day!  Exclusive to Netflix.