I'm sitting in the studio drinking my Mint Majesty feeling extremely guilty right now because I more or less told my man that I needed my own space tonight because I feel like I'm running behind on everything this week.  Is this a sign we shouldn't consider living with each other?

Looking for a place (or two bedroom apartment for that matter) is something we've loosely talked about.  Right now, my boyfriend rents a room in Nampa but works downtown so he spends about 98% of nights at my place off Parkcenter.  Most of the time I LOVE having him around.  After all, the perks of being in a relationship are being able to sit down and have dinner time conversation with your significant other and having someone to snuggle with at night, right?

However, we work entirely different schedules.  My day doesn't end when the show ends at 10 AM.  Most days I get to the station at about 4:45 AM and am usually around till about 3:30-4 PM helping Keke out with whatever needs to be done.  He works in the afternoon and is usually home by 7:15.  I go to bed at 10 PM.  Some days, I'll crash hard for a nap and the next thing I know?  It's 6 PM and I have less than an hour to fit a run in and get dinner started so that it's ready when he gets home.

Now don't get me wrong. He's never demanded that dinner be ready at 7:15 or that I always make dinner, but I feel like it's the least I could do since he's just gotten off of work.  Lately, I've decided I'm going to get my run in anyway and find myself starting to prep dinner really late and we're eating at 9 PM.  I feel horrible because almost immediately after I'm so tired I'm dying to go to bed.  We don't even get to spend a lot of time together because of that and the guilt just weighs on me.

So tonight, I asked him to stay in Nampa so I can just veg and not feel rushed to run, make dinner, etc.  I feel REALLY bad about that, but sometimes I feel like I need my own space for my own sanity.  It's not a slam on him at all, because he really is WONDERFUL.  I just need some down time to veg all by myself sometimes.

That said, I won't be able to ask for that if we're sharing the same roof and that makes me a little apprehensive about giving up my own place.  So, women far wiser than me...I ask you:

How did you know it was the right time to move in with your significant other?