just released their list of how long it should take you to get to certain dating journey milestones.  Is your relationship on track?

Because according to Match, my boyfriend and I messed a lot of our milestones up! He kissed me after Ohio State won the national championship last year and neither of us mentioned it again until after what loosely resembled a first date.  We took our first overnight trip to Winter Carnival in McCall two weeks after that brunch date...well before other milestones Match said we should've done first.

Here's how they break down some of the timeline from first date to children:

  • First Kiss: Immediately
  • Hook-Up But Don't Spend The Night: 1-2 Weeks
  • Introduce Them For Your Bestie: 1 Month
  • Call them your Boyfriend/Girlfriend: 3 Months 2 Weeks
  • Say I Love You: 4 Months 3 Weeks
  • Make It Facebook Official: 5 Months 1 Week
  • Meet The Parents: 6 Months
  • Take First Overnight Trip Together: 9 Months 4 Weeks
  • Get Engaged: 2 Years 3 Weeks
  • Buy A House: 2 Years 10 Months 3 Weeks
  • Get Married: 3 Years
  • Have A Baby: 3 Years 11 Months

That's an overview of some of the dating journey milestones.  You can see the full list HERE.