The Nintendo Mini NES is one of the toughest things to find this holiday season. It's inexpensive and is pre-loaded with throwback games. The people who are after the game systems are actually adults. 

I've always thought that adults who play video games are likely not to have their own home and act totally immature. I just feel as if choosing to play video games takes away from adult things that could be done. I'm being told that I'm wrong. Am I?

I've even heard of relationships ending because one person (mostly guys) chose video games over other things like helping around the house or with the kids or even eating.

While you comment with reasons why you agree or disagree, let me shed a little light on to the 5 ways to tell that you're too old to play video games (according to

  1. You think multiplayer is BS
  2. You think games are suddenly too long
  3. You miss game storylines that were actually compelling
  4. You think originality is dead
  5. You miss when games "used to be fun"