Hi! I'm Michelle.  I love everything pumpkin...except carving them.  I've done that exactly once and I was bad at it. Very bad.  So this year I'm trying something new!  Painting pumpkins! 

After successfully painting my first character pumpkin, a Minion, I decided to try another recognizable title character!  This time, I put together Nemo from Finding Nemo and Finding Dory! Here's how to make your own!


  • 1 Pumpkin
  • Acrylic paint in red, blue, yellow, black and white
  • Two sheets of white card stock paper
  • Sharpie Marker
  • Hot glue gun


  • 1

    Paint Your Pumpkin Orange

    Mix together yellow and red to make an orange color. Yes, I know your pumpkin is already orange but you want to paint it to give it one uniform color and paint over any bumps or bruises in your pumpkin.  I used three coats to get this color.

    Michelle Heart/TSM Boise
  • 2

    Paint Your Card Stock

    Paint both sides of each piece of card stock.  The card stock will be used to make Nemo's fins and tail. You want it to be the same color as his body!

    Michelle Heart/TSM Boise
  • 3

    Cut Out and Decorate Your Fins

    I used a Sharpie to color in the black details to make Nemo's fins look like clown fish fins.  Don't forget to make one fin smaller than the others and put a notch in it! This is Nemo's "lucky fin."

    Michelle Heart/TSM Boise
  • 4

    Paint Nemo's Clown Fish Stripes and Eyes


    Clown fish have wavy white lines on their body.  I painted two curvy lines on my pumpkin and gave Nemo two large white eyes.

    Michelle Heart/TSM Boise
  • 5

    Add Some More Details

    Once the white stripes were dry, I finished the clown fish pattern by outlining the white stripes with black paint.  I also mixed together yellow, red and blue paint to make a brown for the iris's of Nemo's eyes.

    Michelle Heart/TSM Boise
  • 6

    Make Nemo's Tail

    On the second piece of paper, draw Nemo's tail.  I also painted some white lines on the tail and outlined them in sharpie once they dried.  It's important to leave a long straight part on his tail because you'll bend it lay flat against the pumpkin when you glue it on!

    Michelle Heart/TSM Boise
  • 7

    Give Nemo a Smile

    Paint on Nemo's smile with black paint.  Once it dries give him some white teeth.  I also added a reflection to his eyes with a dot of white paint on the iris of each eye.  Finish his eyes with a big black pupil!

    Michelle Heart/TSM Boise
  • 8

    Glue on Nemo's Fins and Tail

    Fold back the straight part of Nemo's fins and tail.  Smear them with hot glue and lay those straight sections against the pumpkin.

    Michelle Heart/TSM Boise