So, I come back into work after lunch to this UPS envelope on my desk, and inside was a Taylor Swift Notebook. I was stoked, because I thought to myself today "Man, I really need a new notebook". Like any curious young lad..I opened it. My eyes took a double-take at the message that was written on the first page.


Dear T-Swift,

Thank you for the Notebook, and letting me know that I am "Wicked Cool". I have always kinda thought you were awkwardly attractive, and I would love to show you Boise. Maybe we can get some Fro-yo, or some deep dish pizza from Chicago Connection? With that said, I will text the number that you put on the second page with an agenda. I have my show until 12am, but we can always boogie afterwards. I hope I can get a song written about me after this epic weekend that we are about to have! See you tonight!


P.s. You're wicked cool