If there's one thing we know it's that Idaho and the entire Treasure Valley loves being on Top 10 lists, but AreaVibes.com just put the Gem State on a list it doesn't want to be on!

According to the website, Idaho is the most boring state in the entire country! I was heart broken when I read that since I spend so much time bragging to my friends and family out of state about how amazing Idaho is.  How did they arrive at this completely wrong conclusion? They took a look at the percentage of population over the age of 65, the percentage of households with kids and the percentage of married households.  The higher states ranked in these categories, but more boring they were considered.  They also took into account population density.

Based on the results 55% of households in Idaho are married, 35% have kids and there's only 19 people per square mile if you average it out over the state.  The article called our great state "snoozeville, America" and asked if anyone was shocked.

I call BS! There hasn't been a moment in the six years I've lived in Idaho that I've said the words "I'm bored."

What are some the most exciting Idaho things that you like to do?