We told you a few weeks ago that Boise is the second safest city in the country for drivers.

Unless you're old, that is.

According to a new study by Caring.com, 22% of people in Idaho killed in car crashes are 65 or older, while they make up only 14 of Idaho's population. After you turn 63, you have to get your license renewed in Idaho (which is the case in 31 other states as well.)

Dayna Steele from Caring.com says:

It’s never easy to tell mom or grandpa to stop driving, but these numbers show why it’s crucial to have that conversation before it’s too late. Many seniors think they’ll lose their independence if they stop driving, so investigate alternatives like ride-sharing services and public transportation. Also, try to offer rides from family members, friends and neighbors when possible.

Only two states have a required supplemental road test: New Hampshire and Illinois.