If the Boise Fire chief has anything to say about it, those big fireworks could be a thing of the past here in Idaho. He's taking his case to the top. 

Boise Fire chief, Dennis Doan says he plans to work with the legislature to change the last of sales of illegal fireworks. Currently, you can purchase illegal fireworks but you have to sign a waiver promising that you won't use the fireworks in Idaho.

Personal note: Why would you be purchasing these fireworks not to use them? I can't see many people following the guidelines.

We've seen the damage fireworks can do. The Table Rock fire is still under investigation (police are still looking for the suspect or suspects). There was a house fire in Nampa this morning - reports say fireworks were to blame.

This story isn't over and we're likely going to see a change in the future should Chief Dennis Doan get his way.