People say meeting a candidate that runs for office more than likely will also win your vote. That means if you hate Donald Trump and meet him - would it change your mind? What about Senator and Democratic candidate for President, Bernie Sanders.  Did you feel the "Bern?"  We asked Idahoans that exact question.I took this video immediately after Senator Bernie Sanders stopped by Taco Bell Arena to rally the "Berners."  That was yesterday.  Today the world has changed again with the news of 2 terrorists attacks in Brussels.  Doesn't that just freak you out?  Does it scare you?  I'll admit the election is great reality television, but at what cost?  Are we REALLY selecting the individual that can run our country and keep us safe?

I can't tell you who is most qualified or who is most believable.  I just personally want a connection to someone that I can trust with my family and the future of my son.  I don't care whether he's a billionaire or she's a female.  That being said, would meeting the candidate sway my position or person to lean towards?  I asked one of our promotional executives who showed up early and sat front row.  Is Bernie the real deal?