You know that moment on The Bachelor where the guy goes into the jewelry store and has his pick of several rings for the girl he is falling in love with? Mr. Right can have that moment at Simmons Fine Jewelry. You choose what you want for your perfect match and it's yours. 

Here's where we educate you on what you're looking at as far as a ring goes. We didn't know the details until Simmons Fine Jewelry walked us through each one. Now we feel like professionals (and want just about everything).

This is a 14K white gold halo wedding set designed by Levy Creations. It's a 0.54 carat round brilliant center diamond along with 46 round brilliant side diamonds in the engagement ring and 21 round brilliant diamonds in the wedding band.

It takes your breath away, doesn't it?


See what rings you may have missed and get a sneak peek at what's to come in the video below.



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