Oh look, another stunning ring from Simmons Fine Jewelry. We're starting to see a pattern. Basically, everything is gorgeous. Now that you know where to go, how do you know what size ring she wears?

The average ring size for a woman is between a 6 and 6.5. Our friends at Simmons has confirmed that piece of information. How do you know what your girl's ring size is? Well, you don't. However, there are several ways you can find out what her size is without her knowing.

  1. Find a ring and place it on her left ring finger while she's sleeping. Be gentle because if it's too small, be prepared with a story as to why you're standing over her sleeping with a ring in your hand.
  2. Tell her you're buying a ring for someone close to you OR say that you're supposed to ask her for a friend. The rest of the story is up to you.
  3. Find a ring she already has (and wears on her left ring finger) and bring it into the jewelry store.

If you're looking at the ring above thinking that it's a perfect ring for your girl or even you, here are some details:

It's an Allison-Kaufman designed 14K white and rose gold engagement ring. The ring is shown with 0.50ct round brilliant center stone and 44 brilliant side diamonds.


How much does a ring cost? Yep, that would be my first question. Watch the video below to get inside information from our friends at Simmons.



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