Tinder went through each state and listed the top swiped guys who could become part of the People Magazine list of Sexiest Men Alive. It's official: JD is our sexiest man alive. Boise State girls ranked, too. Bottom line: We're loved on Tinder. 

Step aside David Beckham, we've got JD who is 26 and lives in Idaho. I mean, sure, we don't know where he's from or even how to find him, but he's here and he's the hottest. Unless you feel you know of someone hotter. Share the love.

That's not all, though. Guess what? Universities were ranked based on who swipes the most and it was divided into men and women. Dear Boise State women: YOU ARE EVERYTHING! You ladies ranked #7 in the ENTIRE COUNTRY!


via Tindr


If you have a free few moments, you can scroll through each state. People Magazine has the list.