I started at the age of three because I wanted to. It developed into a passion and something that I loved. Until I quit. Videos like this inspire me and fill me with regret. 


My mom never made my brother and I do any activity we didn't want to. The only thing she asked was if we started something, we needed to finish it. I chose dance and gymnastics from an early age. I took ballet and tap - you know, those awkward 3-year old classes where you're just learning how to control your body rather than dancing. I also started gymnastics and quickly grew to love it. The unevens were scary and made my hands bleed at first, the vault was my nemesis and something that knocked the wind out of me after several attempts of "trying something new" and the beam seemed to be a magnetic pull toward my shins. The falls are brutal but the successes were what drove me. It was enough.

After several years, my skills took me to a junior olympics competition. Apparently, I felt like I didn't need to go any further. I continued with dance and completely quit gymnastics. I don't even remember the reason why I quit. Maybe I wanted to play with my friends after the season was over or I was sick of packing my bag. Whatever the reason, I know it didn't take much thought. While I continued with dance into my 20's, I've always had that nagging feeling reminding me that I quit too soon.

Watching the US Gymnastics team inspires me beyond belief. Their drive, their dedication, their strength. It's gorgeous. It's emotional. I know I'm getting all sappy on you but this video moves me.

Looking back at your childhood decisions, is there any one you would change?