CBS is taking some heat for their new reality series "The Briefcase" for exploiting families facing hardships, but it does ask one HUGE question to show each families true character.

The show introduces viewers to families facing hardships from credit card debt and extreme poverty to the loss of limbs and children with learning disabilities.  Each family is given a briefcase containing $101,000 in cash and presented with a potentially life altering decision to make.  They can either keep all of the money for themselves, share it with another family who could be in just as much or more need than they are or give all of the money to the other family.  The show introduces the other family's lifestyle over the course of 72 hours as the first family is contemplating their decision.

While I think it's horrible that they exploit the hardships of these families to attract viewers, I do think it'll provide some real insight into the faith of the human race.  BTW, both families do end up receiving identical briefcases so at least there's that! Check out the preview and sound off about what you would do if you were on the show!