Instagram is adding yet another feature to their app. Do you think its good or bad?

Big changes coming to Instagram. Who else is stoke along with @magicmijo . #gamechanging #youllseemyfacemore

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Thats right, Instagram is changing their video feature from 15 second videos to 60 seconds videos. Thats right 1 whole minute. Instagram has been making changes in the last month. One of them was instead of making a timeline of when pictures or videos were posted it would be at random similar to what facebook does. So you can have a new picture/video next to a 2 hour old picture/video. Some people didn't like the idea of it, but since it happened I have heard zero complaints.

Well now with this new feature of 60 second videos, video consumption is supposed to go up even more. Per a spokesperson video watching was already up 40% so now you might be seeing more videos on instagram.

We'll see how people respond to it, people see to like authenticity and with a 15 second video everything seemed to be scripted. It has to be just right, but now with 60 seconds, we might get more authenticity.

My question to you, do you like the 15 second limit or are you stoked to have 45 more seconds?