1. a person who incessantly photoshops every single picture of themselves

According to, here's four ways to tell if an image is actually photoshopped:

  • The background appears warped or manipulated.

  • Everything in the picture is in focus.

  • There are no lines or pores on someone’s face.

  • There are patterns in the picture.

Chris Cruise is photoshopping (or massively filtering) our photos and he doesn't admit it. He even goes as far as saying he doesn't know what I'm talking about.

Tell me the last time anyone's skin was milky smooth like this:



As much as I would absolutely love to tell you that we care for our skin in a way that only a spa owner would have the ability to pull off.

I know in the next photo, I was sweating. Like, full on sweating. Do you see it? No. I look like I just had botox all over my face.



UPDATE: We found out that Chris' LG G4 has a "Beauty Shot" filter automatically turned on while using selfie mode. Just slide it to the left to turn it off. Pretty simple right?