Art.. that is the one word that can sum up my views on the attempted "Ban" on body modifications.

Who's to really say what's "Certain" and "What you can and cannot" get done to your body?? I understand they are talking about piercings that are no "Needed", but it's someone's body.....they should have the right to do what they want with it!

Tattoo, and Piercings are someone's "Art"...James Franco said it best in the movie "This Is The End".."You ever go to Subway...get yourself a sandwich?? That's art bro!"  Putting ink or needle to someones skins is feeding someones kid! Paying someones bill! Paying someones rent! Being a tattoo artist is someone building an EMPIRE!  I love seeing people all Tatted and Pierced up! To give something like this a limit....WOOF!