It's Blue Friday for me. This weekend at exactly 11:05am on Sunday, I will be sitting in front of the TV with the same pants I've worn for each Seahawks win (they are Christmas pants), the same shirt I've been wearing and even the same socks. Do you have a "thing" you do for each of your games?

How do you rep your team?

Mine had a super rocky start, we worked out the kinks and then the injuries came one after another. Since a kid I've been a Seahawks fan. I wouldn't be doing my grandfather proud if I wasn't wearing the blue and green today. I even do my nails to match. Psychotic? Yeah, probably. I have no shame.

When it comes to games and competitions, I do whatever works when we're winning. Same with you? If I'm standing and my team scores, I will not sit down unless something bad happens - in which case, I'll sit back down.

Each game day, I will put on my snowman pants (I probably should have planned a little better at the beginning of the season), my Seattle skyline socks, my "We are Twelve" t-shirt and sit in the same place on the couch to watch the game. I was out of town for a few of the games. Guess what happened? Yep, they lost. I will not leave my house for a game anymore.

With the wild card games going on this weekend, I do NOT want to risk a loss because of something I did different. Look at me acting like I'm in charge of the game.

What are your superstitions?


On the same subject, the results are in on who you think will win this weekend.

80% of you think the Kansas City Chiefs will beat the Texans.


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100% of you think the Pittsburgh Steelers will defeat the Bengals.


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100% of you think the Seattle Seahawks will go home with a win! Yay!


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60% of you think the Washington Redskins will eek out a win over the Packers.


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Watch all the games this weekend and then come back next week to start your quick bracket. We'll have prizes and all.