We have two weddings to attend this summer and I doubt I'll be the one knocking other women over to catch the bouquet.  Then again, I might not have to because a new poll says 81% of women rather skip the bouquet toss.

I'm right there with you, ladies! I always find an excuse to run the opposite direction.  "I'm single, so that most definitely means I'm not getting married next even if I catch this thing."  "I'm in a relationship and don't want my boyfriend getting the wrong idea if I try to catch it." "I have to pee, now seems like a good time."  Always an excuse! How about you?

If more women are like me and not wanting to touch that clump of flowers with a 10 foot pole, what are people doing with the bouquet now a days?  Here's some ideas that real brides have used!

  • 1

    Cat Toss

    Throw a stuffed cat into the whole wedding crowd, not just the women.  The bride's premise?  The person who caught it would be the next person to get a cat.

  • 2

    Something Borrowed

    One bride gave her bouquet to a friend at the wedding who was engaged.  That bride ended up incorporating the pins and ribbon from the original bouquet into hers.  She ended up doing the same thing at hers and the tradition's made it through five brides at this point.

  • 3

    Honor Other Couples

    Bring all the couples out to the dance floor and whittle it down to the couple who's been married the longest.  They get to take home the bouquet.

  • 4

    Make It Rain

    Make the bouquet you toss at the reception out of $50 in scratch lottery tickets.  Everyone will want to play!

  • 5

    Flowers For Everyone

    Another bride had a bouquet of tulips loosely tied together.  She pulled the ribbon off before she tossed it so that all the ladies who were on the dance floor ended up with a flower when they went everywhere.