I'm watching the news and they are reporting that the Zika virus has made its way into the U.S. I'm like, "What is the Zika Virus and where in the U.S. has it landed?" 

I held myself back from a full-blown panic at the DMV this morning when I saw that the Zika Virus was now in the U.S. Since phones are a no-no in that place, I'm shaking my leg trying to hurry along the process so I can get out of the building and Google this border-crossing virus.

Thank you, mosquitoes for being so gross!

What is the Zika Virus? According to the health section of The Washington Post,

The virus was discovered in 1947 in a feverish rhesus monkey living in the Zika Forest of Uganda. Zika is now spreading fast through South America and Oceania. Although it can resemble a mild case of the flu, the disease can lead to some serious neurological complications, including paralysis and difficulty breathing. It’s also the first known mosquito-borne disease that can be transmitted sexually among humans.


Right now, Brazil is facing an unprecedented number of Zika Virus cases (more than 1 million). The country has spent more than $300 million to battle the mosquito mobilizing hundreds of soldiers with one job: Go door-to-door looking for places where mosquitos breed and wipe them out.

NBC News has created a list of 5 Things You Need to Know About the Zika Virus.

  1. It rarely causes serious symptoms
  2. It's spread by mosquitos
  3. It's likely to spread fast and far
  4. It's not certain Zika causes birth defects
  5. There is no treatment and no vaccine

Click HERE for details on the list of 5 things.

We're receiving mixed messages about the travel advisories but pregnant women are being urged to take preventative measures when traveling to Latin America.

So far, the states reporting the virus are Florida, Illinois, Hawaii and Texas.

Right now it's looking like Idaho is in the clear. Let's just all hang out this winter and not travel to Latin America. Does that sound alright?