So there's a really good chance that we spoke too soon when we said the Caitlyn Jenner costume was the most offensive Halloween costume for 2015.  Is this one worse?!

Some people think's "Lion Killer Dentist" costume is.  Believe it or not, the demand for this costume skyrocketed once it went viral on social media and they've raised the price from $59.99 to $99.99.  What do you get for that hefty price tag?  A severed lion's head, smock with fake blood splatters, gloves with fake flood splatters and dentist tools.

The costume is a play on the Minnesota dentist that killed beloved Zimbabwean lion, Cecil, a few weeks ago.  The retailer does try to redeem itself by saying that 15% of the proceeds from the costume will go to an undisclosed wildlife foundation.