Today I did something I thought I may never do again.

I changed my Facebook status to "In a relationship."

You've heard the disaster that has been my dating life since moving to Boise in April. Just out of a four year relationship, failing miserably on Tinder, finding out every girl I went out with either had a new boyfriend or got married. It was brutal.

Then I met my special someone.

We met just before Boise Music Festival, and from day one I knew she was definitely one of a kind. Massive smile, gorgeous eyes, and nerdy like me. It takes a special kind of someone to put up with me, so believe me when I say she's really a great girl.

Yes it took me way too long to lock it down, but I couldn't be any happier. Thank you for putting up with the roller coaster that was my love life until now. Here's to many good stories to share with you!