I have a message for the person listening to #LIVEFOR175 and need someone to talk with. I've been most successful reaching people later in the night. This is for you.

I wanted to send a quick message to anyone that might be looking for something like this. We are celebrating our 10th year of standing up against child abuse in the Treasure Valley. We also know that it could start when you're a kid, but if you don't break that cycle it could haunt you forever. This week is the most important event we'll do all year and for some many levels of reason.

Photo by: Kekeluv

This is the Canyon County Clerks and they see it all. I love how they take so much time designing those shirts with their own message. They bring a team of professionals that see these child abuse cases filter through the court system. They ARE on the frontlines everyday and we appreciate them. I'm sure they hear so many stories that could keep the hardest person up at night. I know I have. I still have problems with not being able to unload these memories. I always ask for them because I believe you're confession (if you call it that) is so important. I don't even like confessing because that might infer that you did something wrong. I think talking about what happened is the most important thing you can do. You'll never be able to close that chapter if you don't at least let others in first.

I wish it was that easy to tell, but it's something that may never happen. I just wanted you to know that if talking makes it hard, write it down. We set up a small discussional for you to post you're experience. It's a few questions and you can remain anonymous, direct it toward my eyes only or say what you want. If this gets you further to becoming a survivor - let's do it.

We set-up a place for you to let it go and maybe inspire someone else. There are no rules to expressing yourself. Nobody is judging you. Save someone else's life now.