I was watching DWTS on Monday night and heard a headline that stopped me dead in my tracks during a commercial break. "End times predictions have preppers clearing shelves in Meridian."  WHAT?! I had to know more.

According to the story, after a near death experience Julie Rowe, a member of the LDS church has written two books predicting that the end times will begin this month and will come in a series of natural disasters and plagues.  She also claims that the US will be invaded by foreign soldiers and martial law will be declared.  So far the drought in California, floods in Utah and earthquake and tsunami in Chile seem to fall in line with her predictions.

Another teacher believes that the start of the Jewish High Holy Days will trigger a financial crisis, followed by a blood moon will be the start of the end times.  The stock market crisis a few weeks and and the blood moon coming on September 28th seem to fall in line with his predictions.

...and Donald Trump might be our next president. Now, I should point out Keke and I have survived the end of the world twice since I've been in Boise but these seem to be the most believable series of predictions yet.