It's "Cinco De Kiefer!" Kiefer Sutherland, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Kim Raver and William Devane return in the 24 mini-series 24: Live Another Day on FOX.I tried so hard to watch as much of the final season of the original series last night as I possibly could to get prepared for tonight's premiere.  It's been four years, so if you forgot the final season ends with former CTU agent, Jack Bauer, fleeing the country after he tried to expose the President's knowledge of the Russians involvement in the day's events that included transportation of nuclear rods and an assassination.

President Taylor apologizes to Jack for trying to have him killed, says she'll resign the Presidency and suggests him getting out of the country as soon as possible as both the American and Russian governments will want him dead.  Jack asks Chole to keep his daughter and her family safe.  Chloe gives him her word and shuts the drone camera they're talking through down.

24: Live Another Day picks up with Jack living as a fugitive in London where he learns of an assassination plot against former Secretary of State and now president, James Heller.  Heller is also the father of Jack's former lover Audrey Raines, who forbid Jack from ever seeing his daughter again.

The new series will cover events in real time, but only 12 hours of the day.