Did anyone see "Hashtag Panda" soaring over I-84 in the last couple of days?!

Jimmy Fallon has a segment on the Tonight Show called "Audience Suggestion Box" where he takes fans suggestions for something they'd like to see on the show.  Well, Meridian resident Jamie Powers was lucky enough to have her suggestion picked on Monday night's show! Jimmy is well aware that The Farmstead has shaped this year's corn maze in his likeness, but Jamie invited him to come out and see it in person.

Unfortunately, Jimmy turned down her invitation since he had to stay in NYC to film the show.  But, he sent the next best thing! Tonight Show mascot, Hashtag the Panda, teamed up with Sky Down Skydiving to parachute directly into the heart of this year's maze at the Farmstead! Check it out at the 5:27 mark of this video.

By the way we'll be back at The Farmstead for the FIFTH annual Pumpkin Smash!  Kekeluv's got the deets for ya HERE!