The FitOne 5K/10K/Half Marathon returns to the Treasure Valley on September 26th! We want your entire family to join the 103.5 KISS FM Friends With Benefit team this year. Save big on registration today, June 3rd!

To celebrate National Running Day, FitOne is offering registration for any distance for just $15! 5K? $15. 10K? $15. Half-Marathon? $15.  I love this offer so much because FitOne really encourages picking up a healthy lifestyle no matter what your age and fitness level.

My Mom At Her First Race

That includes people like my mom, MaryAnn.  For years my mom watched me run Track and Field/Cross Country and my little sister play tennis, but wasn't physically active herself.  I grew up watching her struggle to find a "magic fix" diet pill to help her drop unwanted weight.  To be completely honest, hearing about what some of those pills would put her body through was absolutely horrifying.  But now at the age of 53, she's making a huge lifestyle change by walking the three mile hike/bike trail in our hometown with her friends almost everyday and making healthier eating choices.  In fact, walking with her friends inspired her to enter her first "road race" a few weeks ago.  She completed the annual Memorial Mile before the parade in our hometown and I couldn't be prouder.

When I asked her why now, she told me she wants to be around to see me and my little sister succeed in our lives/careers.  She's also set a goal of getting off her high blood pressure medication.  Her new healthy lifestyle has made her feel so energetic she's thinking about taking up cycling too! If she could, she'd love to come walk the FitOne 5K with me and that's why I say it's such a great family event!

Whether you're already physically active or are ready to start a new, healthier lifestyle...we want YOU on our 103.5 KISS FM Friends With Benefit team!  Simply click "Join a Team" and type our team name in before you register! BTW, your minis can be part of the team.  Children 12 and under are FREE with an adult registration!