A new face has been added to the Cruise & Box campaign. Do you recognize Polecat Pete from anywhere? 

Michelle Heart, the Secretary of Events was saying that we need a campaign mascot. We aren't truly represented until someone represents us. Fair enough. The current campaigns kind of stink and we think of ours as more fun.

In comes Stinker Stores' Polecat Pete. Who, by the way, did the Harlem Shake. Yep, Ol' Pete can move! Watch for Polecat Pete at the Farmstead in the famous parade, all around the community and, of course, at your favorite Stinker Stores.

There's one more person we're adding to the cabinet to complete the Cruise & Box campaign team. That happens on Friday morning.

Let's change some Treasure Valley lives!

Cruise & Box Campaign:

See Polecat Pete shake it live HERE.