Could it be?! Was one of the hottest and most talented men alive driving through Canyon County?! I'm already incredibly jealous that our Secret Sound winner, Aaron VanNatta and his guest, Natasha, got to be in the same room as Justin Timberlake when he presented Taylor Swift with her "best tour" award at last night's iHeartRadio Music awards but then I see something like this!  The headline "Justin Timberlake Had This To Say About The Residents Of Nampa, Idaho" was going viral on my Facebook feed!

The story? JT supposedly passed through Nampa on a recent road trip when he ended up with a flat tire.  He was impressed with how many cars pulled over to help change the tire without people knowing he was the stranded driver until they got out of their vehicles to help.  JT called the people of Nampa "very helpful and very friendly" and said he would've never seen that kind of kindness in LA.

The story was posted by KNP7.  After my initial jealousy wore off, I started wondering what city KNP7 was based in since I hadn't seen anything about the encounter on Facebook, our local news stations or the Statesman.  I clicked the "About Us" link on their website only to find out that KNP7 is a fantasy news site.  Every article on the website is a satire piece or pure fantasy.

Looks like JT wasn't in Nampa after all but if he was I could totally see this happening to him! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯