This is my daddy diary that will be a combination of videos and entries from my new experiences with Lennox.  Today I wanted to share shopping therapy and how it's changed being a daddy.

Daddy Diary Entry #6

It's funny how we cope and just plain deal with issues. I received a call from my fiance on Monday prior to my show. She was very calm, but informed me that her and Lennox had been in an accident. A fire truck was coming and while pulling over, another car sped up slamming in to them from behind. The accident wasn't her fault, but it was very scary. Everyone was fine, but it was just another thing right? We've gone through so much with Lennox and to be that close to injury freaked us out.

I immediately went down to Baby's R Us and bought a new car seat. I was so thankful that everyone was safe and that's when I slowly went to the clothes. There was once upon a time where I did that for Paige or myself. It's crazy how things change. Here's how I coped with frustration. I bought bitty some Suspenders!

So, that was my day. In the end, I'm so damn lucky. I have a great woman in my life with an amazing son. I have the greatest job in the best city surrounded by amazing people. Things will never be perfect, but we're fortunate. Everyone is safe. That day could of ended up with an entirely different outcome. We should be thankful that!


PS: We can always come back to the sippie cup through the television later!