We've suffered another scare with or 16 month old Lennox who is laying in a bed right in front of me as I write this. Lennox spent his first Christmas right here at St.Luke's Children's Hospital last year and we're back. I'll keep you updated here for the rest of the week.

It’s 4:17 A.M. and our PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) friends just dropped off a tall chair so I could work while keeping an eye on Lennox, extra chocolate (because who doesn’t need sweets), Beenie baby for Lennox and sweet book to read when he wakes. The St.Luke’s Children’s Hospital is a pretty special place and the very mention of them always chokes me up.

Let me go further. I just opened up Facebook and saw a message from our P.I.C.U. nurse who cared for Lennox in December. Lindsay PICU RN now works in Portland, but heard about Lennox and immediately sent me a message.


It’s 4:23 A.M. and Curious George is playing on repeat and Lennox is asleep and resting well. He is still uncomfortable, but hoping his anti nausea meds help for the next four hours.

Why are we here? I told Paige (fiance’) that it was important for me to share these things with our listeners who have become more than just people with radios. The community has become family and my life is an open book to which I feel like it’s my responsibility to notify you with updates. We realize that our problems are nothing near those of someone in the next room. I believe there is always someone who is in a much worse position and we pray for them always. However, Lennox has had it pretty rough in his little 16 months that started with a an internal bleed bringing him here way of ambulance in the middle of the night back in December. Fast forward: A few surgeries, bursted ulcer, abnormal liver and Christmas in the hospital - we made it back home.

This might be the worst part. We can’t sleep. Paige still goes through every diaper looking for something suspicious and every look on his face is analyzed. I’m not sure when that will go away or if that’s even possible. That same attention to his health is what brings us here today. Lennox came down with something around 4 A.M. that had him vomiting every 15–20 minutes like clockwork. It wasn’t like a food poison situation. Around 2 P.M. Paige decided to not take any chances and took him straight to the ER. I met them shortly after my show and after several test, Lennox could be bleeding again. I can’t explain what kind of hearbreak that gave us. Rewind to a week ago and Lennox just passed all his tests including a SCOPE that cleared him of any health issues. You can see why less than a week later this completely blindsided us.

As of 4:43 A.M on Tuesday morning, we’re playing everything by ear and waiting for more test results. So far, everything has come back clear with the exception to his blood. They’ve decided to keep him for a few more days to evaluate him. There is still a mystery of why Lennox originally had an ulcer that ruptured over Christmas and what caused his fatty liver. It doesn’t matter what all the tests say if we’re still sitting in the hospital with no real answers. We honestly just worry that anything could produce a side effect that might create that nightmare scenario again.

That’s where we are right now. I will update you throughout the day. Right now he’s sleeping like an angel and is surrounded by the best of the best. Paige won't sleep, but I've managed to convince her to rest when he does for the first time. More importantly, we’re all surrounded by love in the people that care for him and our families everyday. As far as I’m concerned they all wear capes under those scrubs