Kekeluv updates us on the status of 16 month old, Lennox Luv, who was rushed in to emergency surgery Wednesday afternoon. We have the latest on his condition and why they could be spending the next week in recovery.

Lennox Day Four Update - This is somewhat our day in moments that I typed, but couldn't post because of timing.

3:23 A.M. Wednesday - Lennox is finally asleep and resting. It’s been a long day that started out with heavily vomiting filled with green bile. That episode was followed by more green filled vomiting that alarmed us. Lennox pediatric GI called in the PEDS Surgeon for consult and from there — everything moved fast.


Flashback 5 months earlier - Lennox had surgery after a GI bleed brought him to St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital by ambulance. That surgery uncovered a very sick liver and ruptured ulcer that scared everyone.

Flashback 10 days ago - Lennox went in for a scope procedure and updated labs. Everything came back clean and clear.

Today - We’re back in PICU and this feels like the Christmas nightmare all over again. The surgeon told us Lennox was suffering from obstructed bowels from that first operation. Looks like the scar tissue has built up obstructing these bowels. They started with a scope and had to finish by opening him up and that’s a far cry from the flu.

3:43 A.M. - Lennox Keeps going for his oxygen tubes in his nose. The irritation is driving him crazy and his right nostril shares with the GI tube. If he gets a good grip that would be painful and cause more problems.

5:00 A.M. - Thursday labs came back and Hemoglobin level are drastically lower. Remember on Christmas his internal bleed dropped his levels around 3 and todays read 6. Last week it read 10 down from 13 so you can see how we’re officially freaking out. This begins the battle and where everything gets fuzzy on time.

Lennox goes in to full blown, “Beast Mode.” We couldn’t hold him, contain his arms or calm him. That scares you because he can’t tell you what’s bothering him. This kid is getting his nutrition but wants momma’s breast. He’s probably exhausted, hurting and pissed that he’s even in the room. I finally made the call (so you can blame me — but was for his safety) to place his arms in “No-No” arm protectors. They just Velcro up and keep his arm straight like a brace on the broken bone. Just there to protect him from himself. Its safe to say, he hated it.

Around lunch they finally nailed it. They found something to treat potential spasms that might upsetting Lennox and it worked like a charm. Lennox was not just asleep, but really resting for the first time. He needed his body to relax and heal up. This finally gave him the next few hours to do just that. His vitals are good, heart rate is 154 and oxygen levels 100%.

I have a feeling that when he wakes up — there will be a dazed and confused look. It's how he reacts in those "No-No" Armbands that will tell the difference.


Health wise, he’s doing better. Oh, about those Hemoglobin levels. They think the original low ones could have been off and the current lows could follow suit. The doctor said those levels should be lower by all the diluting of fluids in the system. We check again Friday morning.

Let’s pray for him and the girl who was brought in by life flight last night. Also, pray for my girl Sophie who is on the list for a kidney. She’s our little Owl Angel and we pray a blessing comes sooner than later Sophie.