If you ask just one person to do what you are doing in taking a stand against child abuse, it seems simple, right? Can you pledge that your house will be a safe home for your children. 

Seven people are standing next to Kekeluv representing each of the seven days of Live for 175. Keke challenges his friend Greg, Dex, our new friend calls out another friend of his. The list goes on. Who will you challenge?

Simple steps to taking a stand:

  1. Download the "Not in our House" pledge sheet HERE
  2. Write your name in the blank
  3. Take a photo of yourself
  4. Post your photo on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter
  5. Add the hashtag #livefor175
  6. Tag or call out a friend on social media and have them do the same.

Together, we can spread the word that it shouldn't hurt to be a child.