The wedding has come and gone. Everyone is asleep and it's just me, a glass of champagne, my laptop and the moon coming up over the mountains. I have so much to say and even more to show you this week. It looks like our wedding has produced over 7,000 photographs from friends, family and a special celebrity photographer on hand. I would love to show you but, I'm waiting till I get them all before just blasting out random photos. This was a special day and I want to do it the right way. You will see others post up amazing shots from the wedding including the that black and white of Paige and myself at the altar. Thanks Tawsha Box for that shot.

I can say I'm the luckiest man alive because the amount of love we received was unbelievable. Thanks to everyone for showing up and rolling with us till 4 a.m. Thank you even more for driving almost three hours to spend the once in our lifetime event. Thanks to everyone for dropping off gifts and donating to our honeyfund. We're not doing a honeymoon yet based upon our son's health issues right now. We still have tests and doctors visits and doing a few weekends in the Treasure Valley is good enough for us. So, thank you so much for everyone who donated and everyone else who asked for that link. Muah!

I plan to write all my thank you posts, galleries of never before seen footage and why I cried several times during the wedding including three emotional dances that I never saw coming. The night was filled with class, fun, family, extreme wedding dj moves, a pack of coyotees, desperate guy at wedding stage 5 stalking and friends. Our wedding was a dream and I just married my dream. Paige has giving us the most amazing son and her daily mothering of this child makes me the proudest. She is one of the strongest women I know and now it's official, we're married!


I was out running today and listened to our wedding playlist. I will post up this week of the most played for us including a first dance song that I changed without Paige knowing. She thought it was my favorite and I changed it to her favorite. Priceless moment we captured and I will share with you this week.

I will also be giving advice this week on how to do some budget moves that will make your wedding or party look like a professional for cheap!