I wanted to finally get a message to our community and our team regarding the recent attack in Orlando. One death is too many, but the worst mass shooting in U.S. History? Sickening. This time the LGBT Community was the victim of this horrific terrorism.

This has unfortunately become somewhat of a regular occurrence in regards to mass shootings. How unbelievably tragic is that? What are we in for and what kind of world are we leaving the future generation? What are we to do now?

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I'd say that solutions start in your own homes with the families that share them. The #loveislove movement isn't new and love is love..is love...is love is love. This movement starts with each individual person. We choose to love and hate.

I had a meeting with our staff and told them my opinion. I think this past weekend will change how we see the LGBT Community forever. I would dare say that the LGBT Community is devastated right now, but also feels some sort of comfort knowing the rest of the world stands with them. I believe this is their moment to stand and ours to follow. I don't mind speaking my personal beliefs in this very conservative city that I'm always warned about. This so called, "conservative" city has a heart and not so trapped in a political, religious bubble like you might think.

There will always be bigotry in this world and that will ALWAYS exist. That doesn't mean we can't love the bigots! It just means that time will tell. As for right now? We take one step at a time educating ourselves on awareness and loving each other - no matter what.


Be kind. Teach love. Show love. Live compassion. Give what you've got. Smile. Hold hands. Don't judge. Stand united. Never be afraid. Good things happen. Never feel unworthy. Never feel ugly. Be beautiful. Believe your life matters. Make a difference. Love life. Stand up for others. Have manners. Say thank you.

Most importantly, LOVE YOURSELF.

On behalf of myself and my family to the LGBT Community - I'm sorry that a place of security and comfort was attacked followed by unforeseen tragedy. In a place like PULSE in Florida or many other gay clubs around the country, it's a place where you feel free. You can be yourself without judgement of, being yourself. To have that struck down in a matter of hours is nothing I can understand. I don't know what it's like to be looked at like I don't belong. I don't know what it's like to be told I'm a faggot, freak or misfit. I can't be kicked out of my residence because of who I love. I'm getting married on August 20 and nobody is asking me why or denying me a marriage certificate based upon WHO I love. I don't say, "I understand, I know what you must be going through" or "I feel your pain."

I can only express my love for you and that I don't care what you believe in. It's not my place to judge your life, but it's my moral obligation to make sure you know - I'm here for you as a person. You matter. You exist. You are YOU. Don't run from that, embrace it, because our family embraces you.