Star Wars "The Force Awakens" digitally came out over the weekend and a 1 year olds reactions is priceless.  Watch Kekeluv's son Lennox react to the opening credits.

I was just a tiny little kid when Star Wars came out and don't remember many details.  I DO remember Princess Leia was pretty and my favorite action figure was the Storm Trooper.  I played with him more like a wrestler flying from the top bars in a ring.  We couldn't afford all the big Star Wars toys like the Millennium Falcon, but I did have Star Wars sheets.  I think I even had wallpaper in my room.

We were so lucky.  Going to a movie then was an experience that you don't really get anymore. Attending a movie as a kid was a moment that couldn't be stolen by your neighbor with a pirated copy.  A movie really WAS a moment in time that we'll never see again.  There was some sort of family and friends effect from going to a movie then.  Today, it's get in and get out or hit the Redbox. Booooooo!

I guess the silver lining is Lennox and myself sitting on a couch as the opening credits rolled.  I'll take this reaction all day!