I've got my hands full with a very sick family right now, but since this nasty virus is going around I wanted to get this message out in case your family comes down with it too.

I’m remotely posting this video blog from my house in the blink of silence as we’ve been struck with a terrible virus invading the Treasure Valley.  We’ve spent 2 nights in the ER and the last one began with puke bags and ended with more.  Thanks to the entire staff at Saint Alphonsus who continue to take care of our family as they did almost 1 year ago delivering Lennox in to this world.

Here’s a few things to know in case it hits your family.

  1. We’re going on 3 days of non stop vomiting and it includes diarrhea.
  2. Lennox was able to finally hold down milk after 48 hours.
  3. The doctor said hydration first, nutrition second.  Pedialyte seems to be the favorite. I’ve been giving him a full syringe every 5-10 minutes.  During the hospital visit the nurse handed Lennox a Pedialyte and he downed the whole bottle.
  4. It’s viral!  That’s why they call it a virus. Make sure you’re taking plenty of vitamins. I just came across, Airborne gummies.  It’s for immune support plus multivitamin and the pharmacist said it’s a great buy.
  5. Puking isn’t a bad thing. Your body is getting rid of all the toxins, and while it’s traumatic…don’t panic.
  6. We give our son things for his teeth. Can and when should we give it again?  Immediately after he/she vomits. Get this in the system right away so it sets in.
  7. Lastly, thanks to the person who hit our car last night and didn’t leave a note.  I’m going to assume you had a rough night as well considering you were parked in the ER lot as well. I hope that your family is okay. Cars can always be fixed. It’s okay.