Maybe I actually care about this because "The Muppet Babies" was one of my favorite TV shows of all time when I was a kid...but I'm so happy to see that Kermit has found a new girlfriend!

I mean let's be honest, Miss Piggy was verbally abusive to the sweetest frog in the world since the time they were kids.  It was only a matter of time till he walked away from the harassment he was getting day in and day out for 39 years.  Kermit's now being linked to a much younger and thinner pig named Denise.

Oh! Those are fighting words! It seems like Denise made a connection with Kermit while he was working as a producer on Miss Piggy's "Up Late with Miss Piggy" talk show and stole him away from her.  Piggy's talk show is the main plot point of the new The Muppets coming to ABC on September 22nd.

As for Piggy?  I don't think she's too broken up over Kermie leaving her for a younger heffer.  Look who she's been spotted with!

Ok...I'm going to my desk to hang my head in shame that I just got super deep into the love triangle of three puppets.