Sometimes it takes a few innocent kids to teach US a lesson.  I was watching the game this weekend and saw a students against bullying commercial and it put a smile on my face.  It was the supposed cool kids standing up for stereotypical weak.

We stand up against child abuse every April and help others do it every day.  I have always believed on educating kids on handling bullying.  There are a lot of parents who don't understand today's bullying.  I mean when you were kids it was much easier.  Kids picked, pushed and called you names.  You went home.  That gave you a break for at least 16 hours of your day till you had to face them against the next day.  Today it's different.  There is no going home to escape.  You can't just leave.  Today, you don't get pushed as much or called names to your face.  They cyber bully you and that is far worse.  If we don't teach these kids how to handle it NOW - how will they cope in junior high, high school and so on.

This is Danny Keith's story.  He's a first grade water boy for the fifth grade football team.  These kids are teaching US a valuable lesson.  I hope we listen.