The entire Kiss staff will be converging on one single gas station. Fuel up your tank before the holiday weekend. We'll have Boise Music Festival tickets and more!


4923 Cleveland Blvd.

Caldwell, ID 83605

4pm - 6pm


The first 103 cars will be given a number and fueled up at Maverik on Cleveland Blvd. Remember: first come, first served so keep this quiet. Each car will receive a sticker (put that bad boy on because it's what gets you gas) and will be guided into Maverick for your fuel!* You don't even have to get out of your car - we will pump it for you. Plus, each of the 103 cars will receive a pair of tickets to Boise Music Festival.

Maverik is hosting an on-site BBQ and handing out freebies as well. I mean, seriously, it's a party!



*103 cars will receive gas up to $20 and one pair of Boise Music Festival Tickets