Halloween is just around the corner and we wanted to give our listeners an experience with the KISS DJs.

Last weekend, Michelle, Tawsha, and I (MIJO) took a select few listeners through the Terror's Estate. It was terrifying as per usual and even messier than before. The difference between this venue and every other one is that The Terror's Estate offers a full-on experience which no other haunt in the Treasure Valley provides.

I have been updating you on my experience through this newest haunt here in the Treasure Valley. The Terror’s Estate, which is located at 760 E. King St., Meridian, ID 83646, is in their second year, but they are running at full cylinders.

Each listener was speechless as they walked out. Which means what they're doing works - haha. This experience ends this weekend so make sure you go check them out. Check out the video below and see if you are up for it.