The community of Kuna has been through a lot the past few weeks. The first event to shock this community was the story of Boone Bartlome, the Kuna High Football player:

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    Kuna Football Player Injured

    KUNA PLAYER INJURED (as reported by

    Friday’s game at Bishop Kelly was stopped for nearly 30 minutes in the first quarter when Kuna junior receiver Boone Bartlome suffered an apparently serious injury while blocking during a running play.

    Bartlome was down on the grass for several minutes while medical personnel attended to him. He eventually was placed on a stretcher and lifted into an ambulance on the field. As the emergency vehicle drove away, the teams came together and knelt in prayer at midfield. Players and coaches from both teams grasped hands and bowed their heads in an emotional on-field moment led by Kuna coach Lee Leslie

    Idaho Statesman
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    11-yr-old Killed

    Less than a month later tragedy struck again. The city Nampa and Kuna suffered the loss of 11-year-old Daniel Robert Cook while en-route to elementary school.

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    Another Football Palyer Injured

    As if it could not get worse, less than a month later the city finds itself praying for yet another Kuna Football Player.