If you have never met me, then let me tell you about me.I am single so I am on the market, but I am also 5'6". Sometimes that poses a problem for me when I go on dates with women. Now my question to you is out of curiosity.

Is it important for you that a guy is taller than you for you to date him? I wouldn't say I'm insecure about my height, I mean there is literally nothing I can do about it. But I want the woman's perspective. There is a gal I'm attracted to and we we saw each other for the first time this weekend and she was in her heels and I think there might have been a stigma.

I mean I know you like to get all dressed up some nights and put those heels on. When you do that and the guy is shorter than you, how do you feel? What is your opinion? Does it matter or should it matter? Would you date someone shorter than you and if yes how much shorter?