Today is February 29th, Leap Day.  Ladies, tradition says today is the day that YOU can get down on one knee and propose to your man.

Where did that tradition come from?  Ireland.  According to, St. Brigid of Kildare complained to St. Patrick that women would sit around and wait forever for their man to propose to them.  Understanding her plight, St. Patrick decided to decree that women could propose to their men one day during February once every four years on Leap Day.  The most interesting part of the decree?  It eventually because a law and if a man turned down his Leap Day proposal, he'd have to pay a fine. Although that fine could be something simple from a kiss, to a pair of gloves or silk for a dress.

Obviously in 2016, it's much more acceptable for women to propose to their men but the question are YOU willing to break the marriage norms and get down on one knee to propose to your guy?