Why are we never the right place at the right time? You think of a Lenny Kravitz show, you think of the "classic" songs you listened to in junior high or high school and assume those memories will flood back, right? What you DON'T think about is seeing Lenny Kravitz's junk. I'm classy, I know.

That was after "it" was shown to the entire crowd.

In case you are at work and didn't see the "NSFW" and you can't back out now, I'll be nice and link to the image of Little Lenny (if you will).

So we're all prepared, you will see "it" here. I know, I sound like I'm back in junior high talking about Lenny's "thing". See? I'm still doing it.

Clear the area around you. I now introduce you to Little Lenny.