Day 6

The countdown begins as Live for 175 is now in it’s last 24 hours. It’s a bittersweet feeling to know it’s almost over and recognize how many people have helped us spread the message, “It shouldn’t hurt to be a child". Throughout this week, I have met some amazingly strong individuals.

As I was out at Live for 175 last night, I was truly amazed at the passion some of these victims have to help others know they are not alone. At around 9pm last night, I met a young woman who waited almost two hours as a walk-on to a ride a bike. She went in with Keke to tell her story live on the air right before she got on the bike. I was almost in tears when she spoke. She wanted to remind others, “You won’t always feel this way.”

This touched my heart thinking of my family members who have been victims of abuse. Literally 30 seconds after telling her story, she jumped on a bike. For the next hour, I can tell you I have never seen anyone so full of energy and excitement. By the end of the night, she knew my name so we were basically best friends, this has nothing to do with the name tag I was wearing of course, but I will never forget her story and strength of happiness.